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Interior Design

Magic Place by Maja Petrovic

Maja Petrović is a graduate psychologist with long-time experience in various psychology domains. Meeting people has influenced and enriched many of her interests such as decoration and photography. New ideas were growing along with her career advancement. This is how the Magic Place project by Maja Petrović was created, merging psychological experience, decoration talent and sense of photography. Behind this project stands a goal - and that is the beauty in the eyes of the beholder and pleasure in experiencing the space.

Maja Petrović has a specific decoration style, she does not present the final project but she is makes introductory interviews with clients about one’s personality, life style, habits, form of relaxation, time one spends in a certain space... Sometimes, according to a client’s desire and by using psychological instruments, discovered personality traits represent a guideline to the best way a space affects and fullfills all client’s practical as well as psycological needs and expectations.

After the conversation process has been made, we start with content sellection within an interior, which may be completely empty or furnished, but with client’s wish to enrich it. Themes are sellection of style, colors, items, technological achievements, lighting, plants, materials, decorative items and all other contents forming an interior. Unique pieces of furniture, compositions, artwork made of wood, metal and stone are offered as well.

Through a well organized network of associates clients are provided with unique details which shall embellish the space in an very inovative way. Simply, each space becomes a unique one, with its own features which are not present in any other space.

Maja Petrović, as a mastermind, founded a network of associates, architects, interior designers, artists, producers of unique furniture pieces, horticulture experts, who are part of the team concieving Your Magic Place by Maja Petrović depending on type of space and clients’ ideas.

Magic Place offers its services to investors and apartment owners (either their own or for rent), furniture showrooms which tend to be presented in a creative way, all showrooms and show-windows, events agencies organizing jubilees, celebrations, weddings, birthday parties... Magic Place also cooperates with architects who lack the final decoration phase, hospitality venues owners – hotels, cafes, restaurants, service facilites – spa centers, beauty salons, consulting rooms...

The final goal of Magic Place by Maja Petrović is to provide the owners and space users with the feeling of amiability and belonging, whether it is privacy and everyday life, whether it is space used occasionally, but again for the purpose of pleasure.